Frequently Asked Questions

How is a session run?

  • All of our parties are fully supervised by safety marshels who ensure that the children get full tuition and a safety briefing. Then they are ready to have fun on the track.
  • What do you need to set up the track?

  • Space! We can set up our tracks practically anywhere there is room. We use petrol generators for outside events and for indoor events all we need is access to a plug socket
  • Is this weather dependant?

  • Mostly, no. A slight rain just makes racing a bit more challenging (and fun) but due to safety concerns, we can not operate in very wet/windy conditions
  • Safety

    Do I need to wear a helmet?

  • Yes. We take safety very seriously and provide safety helmets for every user.
  • Is it dangerous?

  • Every activity that involves moving vehicles carries risk. However, this can be minimalised by correct supervision, detailed safety tuition and wearing safety helmets.
  • Our Go-Karts are equipped with seat belts and a roll cage for extra safety.
  • Are you insured?

  • We have full public liablitiy insurance of £5M
  • Crazy Carts and Go-Karts

    How fast do the Go-Karts go?

  • Our Go-Karts have three speed settings, 6mph, 12mph and 18mph, so we can get the speed to suit the requirements of the party.
  • Can the Crazy Carts be used outside?

  • Yes, but only on solid flat surfaces (not grass) and only in dry conditions.
  • Can the Go-Karts be used inside?

  • Yes, as they are electric there are no fumes so they can safely be used inside.
  • Requirements

    What do I wear?

  • We advise that old, comfortable clothing with long sleeves and long trousers are worn. However, we do have overalls available on request.
  • What ages is it for?

  • The Go-Karts are suitable for ages 5 and up.